Hillary Potter and the Deathly Howler

Timotonous Kaine. He would help Hillary Potter vanquish Don Marvolo Trump, known in popular parlance as He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Elected. As the definitive Hufflepuff, Kaine had the genuineness and the strength of character to resist Trump's trollish howls and perhaps even help prevent undecided members of the wizarding population from falling victim to Trump's projections of terror and assurances of salvation.

Trump had to be stopped. He had won many followers already with his promise to erect a massive wall to keep muggles out, not to mention his advocacy for the surveillance and persecution of wizards who came from "impure" wizarding backgrounds. Now Hillary Potter and Timotonous Kaine were the only thing that stood between him and absolute dominance of the wizarding world. A terrifying thought.

Though Hillary knew this was a battle she could win, it would not be easy. Trump's howling was a force of super-nature. Despite his comical appearance and way of speaking -- or perhaps, in part, because of them -- Trump had an unusual gift for influencing the minds of other wizards and confounding his opponents by weaving tangled webs of untruths and hexes every time he gaped his mouth open. As though that terrifying quality weren't enough, his intangible, flaming hair had caused enough confusion and terror to send more than one wizard to the infirmary.

And now Trump had another asset: Mike Pent. Pent, whose wizarding career had been in a tailspin at that point, agreed to sign on as Trump's lackey. Trump grafted the desperate wizard to the back of his head, guaranteeing that Pent would be behind Trump at every turn, looking back at Trump's followers and using his calming, conventional features and traditional background to reassure the conservative wizarding establishment that Trump was their man.

Hillary packed her wand, broom, and scar ointment in preparation for the long fight ahead of her.

Story, calligraphy, and cartoons by Jeremy Pegg, known in the real world as Jeremy Peter Green, trademark attorney and founder of JPG Legal. Green files trademark applications for small businesses, intellectual property law being a natural path for a former cybersquatter. Note the cartoonish branding of some of his trademark offerings, particularly MarkHound.